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Final days

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I now sit in the Bueno Aires airport headed back home. We survived the second crossing of the Drake. Again not the Drake Lake but definitely not really bad. The last several days we again were directly on the continent, we visited several islands, and cruised around the Waddell Sea. See a variety of pictures below - my favorites of course are the blue icebergs. However, the penguins are cute and entertaining!

Finally, this was really a bucket list adventure - a true expedition. It took us 2-3 years to find the cruise that met our expectant and to learn the right questions to ask. We did a lot of research and learned a lot in the process. If anyone is interested in visiting the Antarctica, please feel free to reach out. We would be delighted to share our experiences and gives some hints in finding a cruise that matches your interest!

My final pictures!large_DSC_0345.jpeglarge_DSC_0316.jpeglarge_DSC_0418.jpeglarge_d5b80950-d4f8-11ee-9012-7931dd92d3a1.jpeglarge_DSC_0226.jpeglarge_DSC_0642.jpeglarge_d6c8dd10-d4f8-11ee-9012-7931dd92d3a1.jpeglarge_IMG_2974.jpeglarge_DSC_0062.jpeglarge_DSC_0479.jpeglarge_d86a5810-d4f8-11ee-9012-7931dd92d3a1.jpeglarge_DSC_0354.jpeglarge_DSC_0180.jpeglarge_d9d66b30-d4f8-11ee-82c7-79b7913d1d72.jpeglarge_DSC_0087.jpeglarge_DSC_0550.jpeglarge_DSC_0166.jpeglarge_DSC_0281.jpeglarge_DSC_0049.jpeglarge_DSC_0580.jpeglarge_DSC_0609.jpeglarge_DSC_0491.jpeglarge_DSC_0611.jpeglarge_dc9a4620-d4f8-11ee-9012-7931dd92d3a1.jpeglarge_dce7a2d0-d4f8-11ee-9012-7931dd92d3a1.jpeglarge_DSC_0444.jpeglarge_de1881b0-d4f8-11ee-a209-e3772edc627e.jpeg

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Day 6 - Enjoying Antarctica.

Up up and AWAY

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This was a fabulous day with ups and down but one to remember.

The morning landing was rough and wet. However, once on land we were able to hike and enjoy the penguins. There was an old whaling boat, whale bones, and genou penguins. Most of this colony were molting. They molt once a year - pushing out old feathers and producing new black slick ones. During this two week process they have to stay on land until the new feathers are complete. This often means no food.

There were old weather stations and support houses. All not used at this time. Beautiful views from the hill side.

However, the bonus of the day was. — the helicopter! The sun came out and the wind died down and the helicopter was cleared to function. It was phenomenal! The views were indescribable! The blue of the ice bergs really shone.

I got some really great shots.


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Day 5 - Within the Antarctic Circle

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Today we crossed the Antarctic Circle. We chose this particular cruise and ship because it actually went further south than most other lines. The.activities included a landing in the morning and then a zodiac cruise in the afternoon. Still too windy and cloudy for the helicopter. - waiting patiently.

today we saw lots of chinstrap penguins and more whales. Pictures below.


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Antarctica - Day 4

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We now have a pattern. In the mornings , there is a landing on the continent or an island. Once on land, there are opportunities to hike, look for wildlife, talk with staff about the area. All enlightened and good. There are four groups and each group is subdivided to groups of 6-10 to get into the zodiacs. Two groups are schedule for early (8am) and two groups are late morning (10am). You rotate every 2 days. A nice system. On our early mornings we do room service, so we can put off dressing until the last minute.

The afternoon activities start about 2 for the early group and 4 for the later group. Usually in the afternoons we stay in the zodiacs, and go looking for wild animals. Wild animals meaning penguins, seals, whales, and birds. The basic rule is stay 4 meters away from all animals and do not block their path to the water.

The icebergs are beautiful sculptures. Each one different. Some massive. Some really small. And they are everywhere! When in zodiacs the drivers need to skillfully go around them. Other times we are in ice fields - a lot of tiny Icebergs - plowing through them is scary and exciting.

Every day is an experience!


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Trip day 10. Antarctic day 3

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Sorry. I Am a little behind on posting. I still don’t really have the hang of this one.
We made it through the Drake. While not a lake it certainly was not the Shake either.

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